Barry Adams created this series of 20 short videos so that he could simply share from my own life experience how his wife and him are learning to practically live in our Heavenly Father's love as Abba's much loved little kids every day.

In the past 20 years, Barry has discovered that the secret to true Kingdom greatness is found when we simply change and become like little children again (Matthew 18:1-5). So if you are tired of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, perhaps it's time for you to change and become little again too?

Barry invites you to join him on this extraordinary adventure!

#1 - Introduction

#2 - Child Like .....Not Childish

#3 - Even To Your Old Age

#4 - Growing Rings In A Tree

#5 - The Abba Cry

#6 - The Upside Down Kingdom

#7 - The Role Parents Play

#8 - How Fathers Influence Us

#9 - Barry's Own Journey

#10 - Childlike Trust

#11 - Little Kids Are Care Free

#12 - Little Kids Are Dependent

#13 - Little Kids Are Defenseless

#14 - Little Kids Are Humble

#15 - Childlike Imagination

#16 - Little Kids Are Persistent

#17 - Little Kids Are Vulnerable

#18 - Little Kids Are Weak

#19 - Little Kids Know How To Rest

#20 - Little Kids Need Simplicity

Barry's Life As A Boy