Start your identity development by joining us in our Identity Builders Facebook Group. If you have lived long enough, you have had plenty of personal set backs, defeats and losses. Things like job firing, business failures, divorces or even the loss of your health all take their toll physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. These defeats can leave us with a lifetime of wounds and create in us confusion, vagueness and an orphan spirit because of all of the rejection. 

The challenge is that if we continue to live with these wounds, they will fester and then over time they can create new limiting self beliefs about who we were created to be. It is kind of like turning two magnets in the repelling direction. Although the repelling force is invisible, it is nonetheless very powerful and viable deterrent to any correction. All of this happens at the subconscious level and as you go through life and pick up more wounds those events can actually become your identity. This is why Identity Builders Academy created the Identity Builders Facebook Group. So that you can find clarity and support for your walk in your Identity in Christ. 


"Once I read your postings on the fb they activate my faith on this journey. You have been posting resources that are turning to me as gate of heaven as they reach on my heart. Keep the gate open it’s our portal for divine resource. It’s through your life that resources flow down to the saints. God continue to give you His wisdom"

- Ken, June 2020

"William Collins I was reading in Hebrews just before I opened this and satan has always used scripture against me as an identity attack, I'm a baby Christian in God's Word as I was taught wrong. So he uses my old way of thinking against me. It's kept me out of truly reading for myself and listening to preachers and never looking or checking to see if what I was being taught was truth or their version of the truth(false teachings) thank you for this as after clicking here seeing my name amongst many other newcomers he lost his confirming grip on me....Praise God for the angels and saints he has set out there to help me "

- Twila, March 2020

"First and foremost I say thank you for reaching out to me. Your great concern of writing back to me is noted. Also I would say thank you for being open as I was. It’s my great trust and prayers that God will also  see you through together with your family. You have become a great divine resource of the overcomer group and I have been tapping a lot from your posting. We will keep in touch, encouraging one another in this journey till we finish it. It will be joyous when our father in heaven will say “well-done my servant” let’s keep faith and praying for one another."

God Bless 

Kennedy, April 2020

"For years. I had thought I was a christian bur kept on falling again and again. I learned a little while ago that modern church totally changed the presentation of the Gospel. The first thing Jesus did when He presented the Gospel was repentance. I was taught to invite Jesus into my life but was never instructed the reality of who I was at the time. I was separated from God heading to hell. Jesus had then taken my place when He died on the cross. He took the whole weight and penalty of my sin so I could be redeemed. Now, I understand what it means to be saved and it has made a huge difference in defining who I am in Christ. Thank you for the video and for this series. God bless you"

Marbella, April 2020