Identity Builders Academy
“ You Are Not A Grasshopper “

The Identity Builders Academy is for those that have lived long enough to have gone through plenty of personal set backs, defeats and losses. Things like job firing, business failures, divorces or even the loss of your health all take their toll physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. These defeats can leave us with a lifetime of wounds and create in us confusion and vagueness because of all of the rejection. In short, we can have an Identity Crisis.

The challenge is that if you stay in this place too long then you can create new limiting self beliefs. It is much like turning two magnets in the repelling direction. Although the repelling force is invisible, it is nonetheless very powerful and viable deterrent to any correction. All of this happens at the subconscious level and over time these set backs can ultimately determine who you believe you are. What you need is a community to support you in your walk in your Identity in Christ. This is the mission of the Identity Builders Academy  

Kelvin Haynes

Kelvin has had an amazing life that demonstrations how a sovereign God can work in our life no matter where we find ourselves and regardless of how deep the pit we fall into

Holly Roomsburg

Holly has a fascinating insight into our identity both from her past experiences and what she sees happening in her future. Because she is an artist, she was able to create Identity Based Habits around how to interpret identity from many different perspectives. You will be inspired and encouraged by Holly's overcomer testimonial. 

Sue Havens

Sue shares with us how the Lord never left her despite a tremendous amount of personal and professional setbacks. Today, she lives out her Identity in Christ in ways that lift people out of an " orphan " mindset and encourages them through the word and spirit of her testimony.

Mike Rogers

Mike was " wired " to be successful. Throughout his younger years and into the early stages of his professional life, he saw an outpouring of goodness in ways that brought him to the top. But as we know, adversity introduces a man to himself and Mike found himself dealing with many life setbacks that we triggered by his own personal decisions. 

John Belew

John had an amazingly successful career as an attorney for almost 40 years and then found himself going through a series of devastating personal losses from the loss of his business, his marriage and then his son. It was at this point that John, a believer in Jesus Christ for his entire life began to find himself stepping into a new identity in Christ. 

Dwain Swain

Dwain was a hard charging, tough and very selfish man as he was living much of his life, but something was not right. Over time he started to see the wear and tear that this was costing him more than time and relationships. It was starting to cost his soul. Watch as the Lord breaks through to bring Dwain into a new identity. 

Glenn Miller

Glenn finished college, got married, had a good job and then started to grow his family. But thing got off the rails of his plan and he found that the identity which he built was being exposed for what it really was. Glenn tried to get away from the identity that he had built, but a ride on a motorcycle changed his plans and that day the Lord started to bring a new identity to him. 

Scott Murr

Scott never knew his father and this created much internal tension that had to be dealt with. Unfortunately, he found a way to deal with the pain in ways that were very self destructive. Over time, this began to chip away at the identity which he had created as he was growing up so when the challenges of life came to Scott's life, they came crashing over him like waves coming to shore on a beach.