Identity Habits Coach
8-Week Course & Certification Program

Priced @ $350.00

Through this Identity Habits Coaching program, you will be trained and certified as an identity driven habits coach and will be introduced to the key values and skills needed to be an effective habit coach. Over the last five years, we have pioneered the field of habit coaching, helping coach people along the way toward more than 20,000 habits. We started this coaching with a strong theoretical background in positive psychology and behavioral design. Then, through the experience of applying theory to actual coaching relationships, we've seen exactly what works for the client and what doesn't. As a platform, we've exchanged 2,078,715 messages between clients and coaches. We've observed the work of 1,300 different coaches. Your instructor has personally coached 1400 different clients and has one of the highest success rates on the platform. 

This training uses all that experience to combine theory and practice so that you will become a habit master. If you are already an experienced coach, consider habit coaching a skill that you can apply in between coaching sessions. Or consider it a new form of coaching that can stand on its own. What we've found is that there is a giant world of clients who have already set a goal for themselves and chosen a new habit as their plan. Identity Driven Habits Coaching is a new set of skills to help these clients succeed. The certification lasts 8 weeks. Each week will feature a live lesson (also recorded), an open “office” time for questions (also recorded), and an exercise for additional practice. 

Identity Driven Habits Coach Certification is an eight week course, each week with live instruction, office hours, a powerful learning exercise, and the support of peer coaches in your cohort. Your instructor has coached more than 1,000 habit clients. As a company, we invented the field of habit coaching in 2015 and have trained thousands of coaches and coached tens of thousands clients.

"This program is exquisite. You can't fail."

"The amount of information. The degree that we were held accountable. The sincere genuine care. Amazing."

"This community and the world really needs what you have to offer."

Identity Driven Habits Coach Curriculum

Week 1

The Habit Coaching Paradox: starting small, curiosity, consistency, iteration

Week 2

Focus on your Uniqueness: Turning your coaching specialty into a keystone habit

Week 3

First Four: Coaches will focus on starting at least 4 new habit clients

Week 4

Crafting Introductions: Momentum Method thinking and initial assessment

Week 5

Diagnosing obstacles: Using the Open Gates Method to unblock any problem.

Week 6

Habit Layering: Building on top of keystone habits and guiding ambitious clients.

Week 7

Sparking Interaction: Navigating encouragement, reengagement, and doubling down on active listening.

Week 8

Building your coaching practice: Developing your coaching rhythm, building your library, keeping notes, pricing.