Javin Calvert

I just wanted to share the number one thing I have recently overcome to be an overcomer. When I was born I was having constant seizures. At six months old I was diagnosed with epilepsy, and Aspergers syndrome. At ten months old I died three times in the hospital from three tonic clonic (grandmaul) seizures. For about two and a half years they stopped when I was between 2-4 years old. They then started back up again, but not as bad as they were. When I turned 12 they started getting worse. I started having from 6-12 a week. Adding from 24-30 a month. It then cost me my life again at 16. I died for about a half an hour. Mom was able to do CPR on me and get me going again. I continued to have the seizures for the next year's, and went through 6 different medications and 7 different combinations of them. I was not able to get a job until I was 19 years old, and couldn't work more than three days a week. Then everything changed. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled later in the year when I was 20 years old. We told my doctor about a cluster of 10 I had had earlier that month. He then got really frustrated, and asked," What are we doing here?" He then recommended me to a hospital in Ohio called the Cleveland Clinic. He sent me there for two weeks, so they could test me, and find out where the seizures were coming from. They located three spots on the left side my left amygdala, left temporal lobe, and my left hippocampus, that were causing the trouble. I then got qualified, had a surgery, and got them taken out. After the operation, and while in recovery, the doctors said it would be about two weeks before I got released, but I was able to get back on my feet within three days. They said that was the quickest recovery they had ever seen. Four weeks after the surgery I was able to get back to work. When we told them about that, they said," that's impossible. He shouldn't be able to do that." But fare enough I was back to work, and in good condition to do it. It has now been a year and a half since my last seizure. It is not totally cured, but it was not bad enough and I was able to get taken off of one of my medications successfully, and in three months I will finally be able to start driving. This is the second longest time in my 22 years of life I've ever made it. I just thought I'd share the story on how God allowed me to overcome my disability, allow me to move forward with my life, and give proof that he has the power he is said to have. This picture below is a picture of me when I was getting ready to leave the hospital after my surgery. Thank you everyone, and may God bless you all. I am an Overcomer!