Leif Hetland

Leif is the President and founder of Global Mission Awareness. He is also a husband, father, author, and international speaker. Leif is known for his transformative teachings on the love of God and his unique calling to Pakistan and the Middle East. He spends nearly half of his travel schedule teaching in first world countries raising up the mission force and spreading the “mission virus”. The rest of his time is spent in second and third world countries bringing the light of Jesus to the mission field. Leif’s teachings and resources call sons and daughters out of orphan mentalities and into thinking like a kingdom family. From this place of identity, sons and daughters are able to confidently pursue their destinies and become world-changers. These world-changers are equipped to bring the Kingdom of God to the mission field. Leif is most known for his ability to articulate the destructive power of the Orphan Spirit. 

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