Mark Nelson

Friends, can I be real with you about what Jesus did? Living proof we can overcome through the power of the Cross, and precious blood of Christ. We serve a mighty Savior! I am an Overcomer!

I’ve been experiencing a struggle to openly share how God, through His Son Jesus, miraculously healed me, thoroughly redeemed me and radically transformed me, but here it goes —

I was raised up in the church, by faith-filled, prayerful parents. However, through multiple unwanted events, and a whole lot of pride, the enemy took control of my life at an early age. His presence was felt by a takeover of the mind leading to an overwhelming desire for sexual perversion. This perversion led to an addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography and a homosexual identity – which I battled for 10 years before yielding to its control.

In early 2008, after 20 years living life with a homosexual identity, I began to experience a persisting shortness of breath. By February it had become a daily struggle to breathe, so I headed to the urgent care center. Within the hour, the doctor informed me that I had pneumonia in both lungs and to get to the ER immediately. After checking in to the hospital, I was moved into a regular room, and later informed that I had AIDS — my viral load was over a million copies, while my CD4 cell count was in the single digits. I stayed in a quarantined room and experienced extreme loneliness and fear. It was during these times of great fear that I felt a very real and intense presence of Satan. At every opportunity, the enemy would send someone in to speak death over me.

After two weeks, the doctor let me know I was only getting worse, and the only chance to live was for them to move me to ICU, intubate and induce me into a coma. But before they would make this move, they said to call my dad and mom. Satan didn’t want my parents in the room, because they would come to fight with the Sword of the Spirit — and you know there is great power when you call upon the Name of the Lord. By the time they arrived at the hospital, I was already in a coma, and the my mom approached my bed to lay hands on me to pray, but before she could Satan physically pushed her away, and said, “get away from him, he is mine.” At that moment, the Holy Spirit pressed in and let my parents know they were entering a war zone, this is going to be a battle between life and death, Heaven and Hell. They began to speak life over my body, meditating on scripture and boldly proclaiming the promises found in the Word of God — proclaiming, “Mark will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord,” and “greater is He that’s in Mark than he that is in the world,” and “Mark is more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens him.” They, along with my family and a community of friends, continued to be faithful in prayer during my entire 22 days in a coma.

During much of these 22 days, I experienced great chaos, as I moved between life and death. On March 22, the night before Resurrection Sunday, the doctor came in and let my family know to be sure my hands remained tied to the bed at all times, because if I had my hands untied and I unknowingly pull the tubes out of my throat that it would be over and I would surely die. Immediately, the Holy Spirit told my parents that this was the way Satan would take me. Later that night, a nurse who my dad had never seen before and never saw again, came in my room and untied my hands. An hour later, I flailed my arms and unknowingly pulled the tubes out of my throat. At the point of extubating, my dad witnessed a flatline and resuscitation efforts by the medical team, and I experienced death as my soul separated from the physical body and I floated above the room and saw nurses working vigorously to bring me back. I quickly transitioned into God’s judgement where I faced a piercing light and He showed me my sins in different scenes, all sin was homosexual, grounded in pride and rebellion. Then I was thrown into complete darkness, where I experienced the horrors of Hell - the unbearable heat, head-splitting cries for help, and unending physical torment.

As I couldn’t take any more torture, I cried out in repentance, “Jesus!” and I heard His voice, and all He said was, “I’m here.” In an instant, my soul re-entered the physical body, and I witnessed the Wind of the Holy Spirit enter my ICU and blew Satan and his demons out. At that moment, the atmosphere changed from darkness to light, chaos to peace. This transition to peace and light just happened to be on Resurrection Sunday, which was no coincidence — it showed how much power there is in the Cross, and the bloodshed of Christ. From that moment forward my body began to heal, failing organs restored.

I walked out of the hospital healed physically and with a new life in Jesus. During the 3 months in the hospital, there were so many representations of God’s power, and it continues today. In November of that same year, my wife Beth and I were married, and as we continue to be obedient to God’s voice, He has and continues to provide through physical, financial and spiritual blessing. We give God all the glory!