Rob Vollmar

It was the OVERCOMER MOVIE that God used to rescue US!
We are SO thankful to be ALIVE today!!

I have told my wife before that THIS is the way it happens. I have NO unearthly clue HOW I am awake RIGHT NOW?! We arrived home late last night from the Zach Williams concert and went to bed. I awoke at 3 am like a light switch turning on and a BURNING question in my head...WHAT would happen “hypothetically” if you took someone’s life who was DESPERATELY hooked on satan’s most POWERFUL drugs and didn’t JUST rescue them but INSTEAD had them SOMEHOW do a HARD U-TURN and ROCKET out of the “EMERGENCY ROOM” of life and do 100 miles per hour TOWARD GOD!? What would THAT look like...and HOW would you get THAT to happen? I laid in bed awoken a few minutes ago...eyes wide open REALIZING that THIS STORY is ACTUALLY happening RIGHT NOW...and SOMEHOW...SOMEWAY...WE ARE THE LEAD ACTORS! As I stood last night at the opening concert to the Zach Williams concert tour...I had my arms raised HIGH in PRAISE and THANKSGIVING with tears rolling down my cheeks as Zach sang the song “Rescue Story”. I needed to PINCH myself. How on EARTH was I standing THERE...let alone even ALIVE!? It seems ABSOLUTELY...RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE that we are where we are TODAY! I awoke thinking of an image of a firefighter carrying a LIFELESS child out of a burning building as the building collapses behind them. He sets the child on the ground and they put an oxygen mask on the child HOPING there is STILL life and that they will survive. Then suddenly they look back up and the child turns into a white chariot horse and explodes away from the scene of the fire!? What was that!? THAT...was what God did to OUR lives...LITERALLY!!
WHAT caused this POWERFUL turnaround?
We went to see this movie when we were 5 days sober after our drug dealer died of an overdose to FENTANYL. Drugs that he was delivering to us...but he stopped to sample them before arriving at our house and the drugs killed him...instantly. You see OUR circumstance was a 911 for God. He had NO CHOICE but to CLEARLY show HIMSELF in the situation. Certainly NOTHING that has happened came from “Rob’s own strength”. He was as good as DEAD. HE was INCAPABLE of what we are seeing! WHAT is going on here!! The question BEGS to be asked! We made it to the theater spiritually BROKEN that night. We HAD been sober for 2 weeks prior to THIS last relapse. Sober...BECAUSE I was SO anticipating the release of THIS movie for 4 YEARS that I managed to stay sober for 2 weeks in MY OWN STRENGTH because I CERTAINLY did not want to go see THIS MOVIE high on drugs!! It was called OVERCOMER for cryin out loud! It was as though God titled it FOR US!! HOW could I be an “OVERCOMER” if I had failed?! The week prior...that is EXACTLY what happened! God let me fall FLAT on my face JUST BEFORE the starting line...7 days before this movies release. We crawled our way into the movie theater and watched the movie. During THIS movie...SOMETHING CHANGED. After the movie we sat CRYING in the parking lot. I told my wife that if I was going to get sober...EVERYTHING in my life had to change...NOT JUST DRUGS...EVERYTHING!! At that moment it was as though a HUGE white chariot horse came galloping out of the theater with US on it’s back! The horse WAS NOT me!! I simply made a decision that made heaven REJOICE and God merely put us on the BACK OF THAT HORSE...WHILE IT WAS RUNNING FULL SPEED out of that “Emergency Room”. As we headed home from The movie God IMMEDIATELY put in my head the first step he wanted me to take. I had stolen $60 from a tenant that was staying at our house. Money I had stolen on three different occasions for drugs. When this came into my head I knew exactly what God wanted me to do. He wanted me to take the first step as James 4:8 states “Come near to God and he will come near to you”.
When we arrived home I looked in my wallet and I had exactly $63. What was even MORE proof to me that this was GOD leading me was that I then remembered that the last time I stole from her I took three one dollar bills which left the total owed at $63...EXACTLY the amount I had in my wallet! I paid her back and asked her forgiveness.After that, I then began making a list of ALL of the areas where my life was out of alignment with God. ORIGINALLY the list was not very long. I thought to myself “I CAN DO THIS!!” I always joke with people and tell them that whatever list YOU come up’s actually WAY BIGGER than you realize! God just does not want to demoralize you at the starting line! :-) As time has gone on GOD has added to that list as I have been able to handle it.  One of the first things God led me to do was to marry Dawn. We had been living in fornication for nearly 4 years. Honestly I considered this act “insignificant” but I believe to was VERY SIGNIFICANT! I obeyed God’s leading...IMMEDIATELY! I called a notary off of THUMBTACK and we were married that night in front of our fireplace on September 8th, 2019. From that day on...the rest is HISTORY. We jumped back on that white chariot horse...and GOD has been running with us since that day. Today we are 200 days sober! WOW! It makes me cry just typing that! Last night at the Zach Williams concert he sang the song “Rescue Story”. I stood TALL with my arms extended upward to God singing the lyrics that practically parallel the story of our lives that I am typing for you to read right now.
“You were the voice in the desert calling me out in the dead of night, Fighting my battles for me You are my rescue story. Lifted me up from the ashes, carried my soul from death to life, bringing me from glory to glory You are my Rescue Story. You NEVER gave up on me.” 
You see...EVERYONE expected the child that firefighter was carrying out of that fire to be long since DEAD. But INSTEAD from that that fire God brought out that white chariot horse EXPLODING out of the fire...blazing a trail for HIM. I have NOT stopped since that day. How could I? This is HIS life...NOT mine! 
People often ask me the question “what did it for you...what changed?”. The OVERCOMER movie what happened! While someone else might still be CRAWLING out of that fire at the same point we are...nearly 7 months later...God instead is leading us down a road leaving a Blaze of Glory for HIM! Last night at that was simply supernatural! It was like God smiling at me and giving me a BIG high five and saying “you’re doing it Rob...YOU’RE DOING IT!
As I said in the FIRST sentence of this story...I told my wife that THIS is the way it happens! When I wake up in the middle of the night with a CLEAR story in my head...THAT is when I know it is from God and it MUST be told. So here we are nearly 3 hours since I woke up NOW concluding His story. So again I ask the question of “What would happen “hypothetically” if someone doesn’t JUST walk away from a DEATHGRIP to satan’s MOST POWERFUL drugs...but instead does a hard U-TURN and rockets TOWARD GOD...FULL FORCE? “ Well...there is NOTHING “hypothetical” about it...YOU ARE WATCHING IT HAPPEN!!
You get EXACTLY what you are seeing in the lives of Dawn and Rob today. We are so blessed to be alive! Thank you God for being OUR....”Rescue Story”
We ARE OVERCOMERS!Whatever is born of God OVERCOMES the world.
1 John 5:4