Stephen K. De Silva

Much is taught about the subject of stewardship but seldom is the purpose and nature of money explained. Stephen K. De Silva is changing the conversation about money. Money is a servant with the power to exaggerate the heart of its master. This power will manifest in both economic and spiritual ways, and this dualism has been ignored to our own peril. Until now.

Learn the whole story of wealth and riches, and how to master money using biblical truth. See how financial problems are rarely about money. Exit the bitter struggle between poverty and mammon by severing the source of every financial disease: the orphan spirit. Overcome generational cycles of loss and harm, and advance yourself for good. Become the steward God imagined you to be; become a PROSPEROUS SOUL!

Stephen began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant, where he excelled in auditing, tax preparation, and peer review compliance services. In 1995, Stephen formed his own professional corporation serving non-profit, pastoral, and itinerant ministries and organizations. In the same year, he joined Bethel Church of Redding to serve as chief financial officer and member of their senior leadership team. 

After two decades of learning and growing, Stephen has transitioned to create and teach full-time on the subjects of money and the prosperous soul. With a unique blend of experience, humor, and creativity, Stephen offers the Body of Christ a fresh, Holy Spirit-inspired perspective with his biblically based financial insights. Stephen is based in Redding, California, with the wife of his youth, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry Bethel Sozo International.