William Collins
I am an Identity Performance Coach 

The Old Man

I have overcome many significant losses over the last 40 years of my life, but those victories came with a very heavy price. I never dealt with the emotional, psychological or spiritual impact of these setbacks and in fact suppressed them. It did not matter whether it was a job loss or firing, businesses lost or stolen, an inheritance that I spent in the name of creating Kingdom ventures or the death of family, friends and dreams, each wound lodged itself deep into my soul and created heart wounds. These heart wounds then created blind spots in my life that manifested itself as debiting, under earning and even self-hate. In the summer of 2018, I experienced a series of devastating personal events which created a mental breakdown. I now know that what I was really experiencing was an identity crisis. Much like the Prodigal Son who came to himself when he was feeding the pigs, I too realized that I was far from home and that somehow I had to get back to my Father. In desperation, the only prayer that I could conjure up as I entered the Dark Year of My Soul was " Daddy, show me the path home, no matter what I have to do." 

The New Man

I am an Identity Driven Entrepreneur. I am His beloved and because of my Father’s perfect love for me, His never-ending mercy for me, the 
future and hope He has for me and His commitment to bring good out of
everything that has ever happened or will ever happen to me, it really is a great thing to be me! I am no longer Bill, I am now William because I have wrestled with God and with man and I have overcome. The next 10 years of my life will be full of restoration, favor and blessings. I am God’s greatest creation and will Father the Identity in Christ movement. I go from glory to glory and I am here to disciple nations which is why they are attracted to me. I have the mind of Christ, therefore I can be creative and solve problems that only God has an answer for. Jesus is my inheritance and I am his inheritance. Creation knows who I am. The Devil knows who I am. God knows who I am. The Angels know who I am and today…I know who I am. I’ve had many promises over my life that are just now starting to bear fruit because of my faithfulness to sow into the Kingdom. This awakening will lead to the restoration of the Collins family and we will bless our children's children.